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Ethical Voice for Animals (EVA)

We need your help to fund our campaigns in 2010!

Ethical Voice for Animals (EVA) is an animal rights group set up in 2007 in Edinburgh to help local communities tackle a variety of animal protection issues.

Since then EVA has responded to the needs of its target groups and has grown to provide a range of related services around food, health, veganism and the environment. Our activities over the years have focused on raising awareness of the issues and included stalls, protests, school talks, vigils, discussion groups and organising compassionate living fayres. We ran 30 events last year alone and printed over 25,000 leaflets. Most importantly, we believe our work is to bring all kinds of people who care about animal rights together and to provide common ground across Scotland to campaign for animal rights.

Some things we have achieved so far and our future plans:

• Our Compassionate Living Fayres showcasing healthy food (including free vegan, organic and fair-trade food tasters) and disseminating information on healthy food choices is the largest free vegan food fair in Scotland.  The event attracts hundreds of people and is now a permanent fixture in Edinburgh.

• In our campaign against real-fur sporrans we have been successful in getting a coalition of retailers and manufacturers who are 100% fur-free. Through talks, information stalls, leafleting and outreach work we’ve reached thousands of people across Scotland raising awareness of this issue. Our week of action in 2009 saw 8 communities across Scotland taking part and thousands of people signing the petition against real-fur – ultimately there’s no difference between a fur-coat or a fur-sporran. We now want to encourage more retailers and manufacturers to go fur-free.

• As a result of a successful campaign the Nutcracker Christmas shops stopped selling real-fur polar bears and pledged never to restock the items again. Marina Rinaldi in Edinburgh also pledged to go fur-free and took off all real-fur items off their shelves.

• Our Green Fork campaign has organised several educational workshops and meet-ups to raise awareness of the link between healthy eating and healthy lives which have been delivered to a wide variety of audiences including school children in over 15 schools. There is presently no support available in Scotland for people making a transition to a vegan lifestyle, and the workshops aim to fill this gap. Funding permitting, we hope to roll these out nationally soon.

Our current campaigns
In order to build on what we have already achieved we are now seeking donations urgently for the following campaigns this year:

Campaign Against Animals in Research Experiments (CAARE)
CAARE opposes all use of animals in research and experiments. Animals are forced to endure years of needles, scalpels, toxins, pain, and isolation along with the overwhelming hopelessness of waking up day after day inside a metal cage. Engaging with all stakeholders, our aim is to educate the public and unmask the animal research fraud along with actively campaigning to put an end to the use of animals in research. "No amount of testing can make a drug safe because humans react differently from animals."- Lord Platt,

Edinburgh the Fur-Free City (EFFC)
EFFC is a campaign against the fur trade—in Scotland one of the most common uses of real fur is for the production of sporrans. Whilst seal skin is commonly used in the semi-dress sporrans, mink, fox, chinchilla, rabbit and musquash fur is also often used for the full-dress ones. There’s simply no excuse left for murdering animals in this day and age, particularly when excellent faux-fur is easily available.,

The Green Fork
The Green Fork is a campaign to raise awareness of how our food choices affect our health, and the environment. The workshops, delivered across Scotland and working with existing support groups, aim to educate people about the health and environmental benefits of a vegan, organic diet. It also fulfils the growing demand for support for improving food skills, information on ingredients to use and where to get them, and, crucially, put a structure in place for the groups to continue their work.,

Please help by making a donation
Please consider which campaign or campaigns you feel most strongly about and send a donation (all cheques to Ethical Voice for Animals). Alternatively, you can pay by BACS, Account No: 06031835 Sort Code: 801120

We do not receive any funding and we rely entirely on donations to produce resources, leaflets, materials and fund our campaigns against animal cruelty and abuse. We are entirely volunteer run and have no staff costs - all money goes directly towards our vital campaign work. A donation of only a few pounds can make a difference.

We urgently need funds by 1st May to enable us to plan our summer and autumn events!
£25 pays for an information stall for a day
£75 pays for materials for an educational workshop
£150 pays for 5,000 leaflets
£200 pays for venue hire costs for the Compassionate Living Fayre

Get in touch at:

54 Manor Place
Phone: 0792 088 8769 

Thank you for being willing to help us.

Support our work and campaigns
We do not receive any funding and we rely on donations to produce resources, leaflets, materials and fund our campaigns against animal cruelty and abuse. We are entirely volunteer run and have no staff costs - all money goes directly towards our vital campaign work. Please consider donating as little as a £1 a month. We need your help to fund our campaigns in 2010! More here...

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